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Risk Management

Seminars & Continuing Professional Education

Wilson Elser’s Accountants practice has presented insightful best practices and risk management seminars to accounting firms for many years. As an accredited CPE provider, we can conduct credit-eligible programs in most places in the United States.

Set forth below are summaries of some of our most requested offerings. If you are interested in learning more about the available programs or if you would like to schedule a seminar, please click the button below to contact us.

Please note that by taking one of the below “Risk Management” designated courses, you may be eligible for discounts to your errors and omissions insurance premium, subject to certain conditions. Please review your policy terms with your agent or broker.

Ethics of the Accounting Profession – 2 or 4 CPE Credits

This professional ethics course was developed specifically for New York licensed CPAs. This course is available as either a 2 or 4 hour course providing either 2 or 4 New York State ethics credits. Although developed as an ethics course meeting New York’s educational requirements, this course also focuses on why good ethics is good risk management. Building on Wilson Elser’s extensive experience in the field of representing accounting firms, this course ties the ethics rules to frequently encountered situations where the exercise of good ethics also could avoid malpractice pitfalls that can trap the unwary.

The Big Hurt
The Potentially Crushing Blow of Fraud Related Claims Against CPAs and How to Improve Your Management of that Risk – 1 CPE Credit (Risk Management)

Although fraud may never sleep, that does not mean you need to stay up all night worrying about it. It does mean that you need to consider where and how fraud most often arises, and then adopt an appropriate mindset aimed at trying to manage this risk. This 1 or 2 hour live course discussing the most frequently recurring fraud schemes, and offers risk management tips based on Wilson Elser’s extensive experience representing CPAs in cases where someone blames the CPA for not uncovering the fraud sooner.

Managing the Risks of an Accounting Profession - 1, 2 or 4 CPE Credits (Risk Management)

This general risk management course addresses the everyday risks accounting firms face from client acceptance to the end of the client relationship. Topics include the “expectation gap” and how to narrow it, the value and limitations of an engagement letter, adopting a risk management point of view, and numerous practice pointers derived from our extensive experience defending accounting firms of all sizes in matters ranging from minor tax preparation errors to class action cases involving public company audits.

A Busy Season Primer for Managing Your Risk – 1 CPE Credit (Risk Management)

As the tax season ramps up, many practitioners find themselves spread too thinly or asked to handle issues outside their expertise. These situations lead to greater risk of error, oversight and compromised standards. Through this course, we look to spotlight the situations that give rise to increased risk and develop strategies to address the situations.

The Cautionary Tales: What Keeps You Awake at Night – 1 CPE Credit (Risk Management)

Through decades of representing accounting professionals, we have gathered several harrowing tales to highlight common and not-so-common mistakes made by accountants and we discuss ways the errors or lawsuits could have been avoided.

Why You May Need a Practice Continuation Agreement – 1 CPE Credit

Accidents, sudden health crisis or even planned retirements can lead to disruptions in your practice. How can you maximize the value of your practice, while fulfilling your obligations to your clients, partners and business associates? This course delves into the legal, ethical and business considerations in developing and implementing a practice continuation plan for small firms or solo practitioners.

Managing the Risk of an Accounting Practice – 1, 2 or 4 CPE Credits (Risk Management)

Specifically designed for the small firm or solo-practitioner, this course explores the risk management opportunities from developing best practices and initial client contact to disengagements and subsequent litigation. Real case examples are used to help the practitioner develop practical policies and strategies for risk management.

Trust, Estates and Risk Management for Accountants - 1 CPE Credit (Risk Management)
When providing services to a trust or estate, there are unique obligations and duties assumed by the accountant. This course highlights the potential errors made by accountants in providing services to a trust or estate and discusses ways to approach those situations to minimize the risk of adverse consequences for the client and the accountant.

Risk Management for CPAs: Lessons Learned From a Career Advising Accountants – 2 or 4 CPE Credits (Risk Management)

Attorneys at Wilson Elser have been representing accountants and accounting professionals for decades. Using real cases, Wilson Elser attorneys discuss lessons to be learned from other’s mistakes.

Emerging Trends in Risk Management for Accountants – 1 CPE Credit (Risk Management)

Accounting services are constantly evolving. From global scandals to local politics, many different things can affect the duties owed to clients and the ways in which accounting professionals must protect themselves, their practices and their clients. This course addresses recent issues and developments in risk management for accounting professionals.

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